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"Absolutely incredible seller! I was nervous about spending over $1,000, and expressed that in my order comments. RAC Enterprise called me within 5 minutes of submitting the order, on a Sunday night, and reassured me of the transaction."

Joshua B. (Hudson, WI)
"The BEST shopping experience ever! Not only did I receive the LOWEST price on the web, but I was completely surprised by the unparalleled level of SERVICE that followed. I received my order days BEFORE the original estimated shipping date."

Steve .Z. (Orland Hills, IL)
"Honestly this was one of the smoothest transactions I've had on the internet, and considering it was for a 200+ lb. Weber grill, I am very pleased."

Jason N. (Layton, UT)
"My husband and I were so excited to find your website and how impressed we are with the prompt delivery. Our grill came in perfect condition, the box was intact and not one problem. Our Weber Summit grill was almost fully assembled- we were excited to light it up and grill! Every night since we've received it we've been grilling- even as late at 9pm! We look forward to many years with our Weber and wanted to thank you for providing a great product- also for the best price out there!"

Charmaine B. (Leesburg, VA)
"The Q120 arrived today and I must say that I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the grill, but I'm equally impressed with the customer service that you provided to me! Your company is at the forefront of internet sales and I will not hesitate to purchase from you again in the future. Who knows, maybe in the spring I will be upgrading my main grill on my deck and your company will be the first place that I look! I must thank you again for the free upgrade from the Q100 to the Q120. I truthfully wanted the Q120 all along, but since this is a grill that will only be used for our family camping trips and occasional trips to the lake for picnics, I couldn't honestly justify the extra $20 for the fold out trays and electronic ignition. Now that I've see the grill with the trays and ignition, I realize that they are well worth the extra money! Thanks again for the wonderful service and extremely fast shipping! I had asked that if possible I could have the grill by Friday for our camping trip and you more than delivered you getting it to me in only 2 days wich will allow me to test it out before the trip!"

Donald C.
"I just wanted to drop you a quick "thank you" note which I have never done to any other online vendor. I was very nervous buying something as heavy and expensive as the Weber Grill I just purchased from your storefront on PriceGrabber. Your incredible price, excellent communication, prompt shipping and final product resulted in by far the best experience I've had shopping on the internet. The grill arrived in excellent condition, which after multiple bad buying experiences for heavy items over then internet, honestly surprised me. I'll be buying from you again."

Jeff N. (Pineville, LA)
"Thank you Rocco, I am a Acupressurist and Naturalist who recommends fresh juices to restore health. I bought this juicer to give to a unhealty young woman who was born in a Mental Institution. She has had Migraines and Bipolar Disorder along with Psychosis and Paranoia. I eliminated problems in the list above but needed some good fast nutrition in her as fast as possible as it left her listless. I am too busy to make it to stores for shopping and such, so I rely on the Internet and was thrilled at your incredible service. She loves the Juicer and calls me regularly to ask about what other Juices she can make, and she is feeling great already. So the Thanks go to you Rocco."

Robert L.
"I could not be more pleased…The Prime Rib was the best we ever ate….The Summit 450 natural gas grill is OUTSTANDING !!!!!! Bless you brother !!! I will recommend you and RAC to everyone I know looking for a great deal on a quality grill."

Ken M. (Buffalo, NY)
"The grill is better than I had hoped! Again, thank you for a great price and fantastic customer service. I have already recommended RAC to numerous friends."

Martin V. (Bradenton, FL)
"The wife and I are camping in Florida for the winter. My old gas grill died, so looking for a deal, I purchased a stainless steel gas grill from one of the popular Mart stores. I brought it home, assembled it and we grilled some ribs. The next day, we had some light rain. I was admiring my new purchase and could not believe that my new grill that was supposed to be made of stainless steel, was showing signs of rusting. I bought this grill with the intentions of a long time relationship and got so upset I packed it up and brought it back to the store for a refund. I then purchased a different grill, brought it home and began assembling it. Midway through the assembling process, I realized that this was another piece of junk and returned it also. At that point I decided to buy a quality grill and started searching the internet. After reading lots of reviews on small grills, I decided to buy a Weber Q100. Being familiar with Weber quality I now needed to find it at a good price. I found your site, selling the Q100 at a great price with free shipping. Although I do lots of internet purchasing, I had never heard of RAC Enterprise and was skeptical about buying from you. When I received my new grill I could not have been happier. The grill is exactly what I expected, it ’s a very well made quality product, that cooks evenly. even on a windy day. I will also buy from RAC in the future whenever I can, the total transaction was flawless. I made the purchase via the internet on Saturday morning and was grilling on Thursday. Thank you, for selling us a great product! "

Mike C. (Key Largo, Florida)
"You guys are a pleasure to do business with! Your site is clear, concise, and tells you everything you need to make a decision. I just received my Weber S-450 grill and was thrilled with the service from receiving a call from your service rep within half an hour of placing the order to changing the order and receiving the product exactly when promised. Even the FedEx LTL shipping people called multiple times to make sure I was informed and ready! Overall it was a great experience and I wholeheartedly recommend your company. P.S. A co-worker is now looking at your site to determine the grill he wants! Thanks."

Mike L.
"I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. My August 5th purchase and delivery of a Weber S470 grill went flawlessly. Your price was by far the best, and the free delivery from your warehouse in PA to my front door in TX took only 4 working days. The product arrived in perfect shape and was used the same day as it arrived (assembly was a snap). I'm always a bit nervous with the on-line purchase of a large ticket item, but the experience with RAC couldn't have been better. Thanks again!"

"Rocco, thanks very much for the excellent communication and personal assistance in ensuring the Weber Flame arrived in time for Thanksgiving! It arrived the day before just as you indicated.....great shippers.....extremely easy web site to order on and excellent shipping tracking. Now if I can just get my wife to follow instructions - a more difficult task!!! I hope you and your family has a safe and enjoyable Holiday!"

Phil E.
"I just wanted to say thanks!!! I love my new Weber Summit 650!! Buying a higher priced item on line can be a little scary with some of the "hack" companies out there, but I must say you guys rock! Easy ordering, Great product, fast shipping and great customer support (after purchase) I would definitely buy from you again! Awesome job. Keep up the good work!!!"

Michael T.
"Thank you very much for everything! The Weber grill arrived this morning which was perfect timing as I have out-of-town guests coming this week. You had by far the best price and never kept me wondering where or when the grill was to arrive. In fact it arrived sooner than I thought. I will gladly give your name and website to anyone looking for a grill, or any of the other lines of equipment I saw while visiting your site. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who obviously WORKS his business to keep overhead down, and doesn't try to make a killing on a single product purchase. Best wishes to you for continued and much appreciated success."

Raymond L. (Rochester, NY)
"The trucking company was the best we seen thus far. They were within the agreed upon time window for delivery. Their truck had a rear liftgate and they were more than happy to move the 300 pound pallet into my garage for me. I couldn't ask for more out of a shipping company. And thank you for the gifts! You're making me look like a Professional griller! What will my neighbors say :-) I put the Weber together last night. A really nice and impressive looking grill. Thanks a million for the transaction! A certainly wish you the best of success and monetary rewards in your business, as you are definitely on top of it in terms of management and competitive pricing. Excellent job!!"

Serge B. (West Bloomfield, MI)
"Hey, I got my S450NG from RAC. It was the best price and it was delivered no problems, I definitely recommend it. I did get SS, it was a change for me so I thought I'd try it. Best of luck."

Luca B.
"Dont be leary about RAC....I ordered a s670 a week ago and recd it yesterday as promisied( shipped from PA to CA)....I highly recomend them as communication and after sale follow up was excellent....Were grillin tonight!!!!"

"Been lurking for a while, and found this forum the most helpful in helping make my decision. I was deciding between the Napoleon Prestige II 400RBI and the Weber 470. I eventually decided on the 470 after reading all the great reviews and experiences here with the Summit Series. We are moving so i was able to convince the wife that I needed a new grill, my 6 year old Capt -n-Cook wasn't cutting it any more, never mind all the cast iron that needs to be replaced. Thogh I am moving my Weber Bullet I was able to find the Weber 470 for 1586.00 with shipping included through pricegrabber. The storefront is RAC enterprise. I was leary at first, until they instantly responded to the order and immediately gave me a tracking number that was to be delivered the next day(I had to delay that...). So a big thanks to all the great participants on this board, I found it invaluable, and can't wait to break in the grill. I am now worried that OI may need to lock the grill down to our deck!"
"After going through new grills every couple of years I decided to take the plunge and shop for something that would last longer. After much looking I thought that the S-420 was where I would end up - until I started to read some of the posts on this board. Along the way reading the posts I realized that I wasn't buying a grill for the next couple years, but one that should last me much longer and decided to go for the 650 instead of the 420. The posts going into the differences between 2008 and 2009 models and finding a sale on the 2008 models online led me to order the 2008 model as well. I ended up ordering from RAC Enterprise ( After speaking to them on the phone they confirmed what I learned here about the differences between the model years and let me know that they arranged to purchase the remaining 2008 models from Weber. With this much grill on the way I have a lot to learn and look forward to trying out many of the tips and recipes that I have seen on here already - thanks for all of the information that has been posted here."
"Per your post, got on the RAC Enterprise website and as of 10 minutes ago, I ordered a 2008 S-470. Price was most reasonable I had seen, plus free shipping. Thanks again for your information."

"So far the experience has been great. I had put notes in my order about an upcoming vacation as when speaking to them they were just getting the 2008 models in and weren't sure of ship dates. Over the weekend I received an update letting me know that the grill would arrive well ahead of my vacation and today I received an email from Fed-Ex freight to coordinate the delivery later this week. Flying home from a business trip just in time accept deliver on Friday if we are able to coordinate properly."
"So far I have had a good experience with RAC. I ordered on Friday, I received the shipping/tracking notice on Monday. According to the tracking data, it should be delivered here to work on Friday. I am very happy so far and can't wait to get my new grill. This will be my first quality grill. It took some time to convince my wife that it was worth it, but she came around and is excited too."

Greg S. (Hayden, ID)
"I stumbled upon your site from a posting on the Virtual Weber Bullet. The post was about the great prices you had on the WSM's. And they are great prices. But I was browsing your sight when I came across the 2008 Summit 650 NG which was on sale. I looked at the prices and thought no way not possible. I kind of mulled it over and over in my mind do I really want to spend that on a gas grill. Talked to the wife and at 10pm on a Sunday I ordered the gas grill. I could not believe how fast I got the grill. Your shipping department is the best. So many of these types of emails are complaints well mine is not. If you ever need a reference you can add me to your list of completely satisfied customers. It was a pleasure to deal with your company."

Paul K. (Manchester, MO)
"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your excellent service. I ordered my new Weber Summit S-670 on Wed and received it on Monday, that's what I call service. This is by far the best internet experience I have had with any retailer. Before ordering with you I had placed an order with another company, their website stated they had this item in stock. After calling to confirm the order I learned they did not have it in stock and could not even give me a date that they would get it in. After about one week I canceled my order and found you guys. I have already told a few neighbors about your website and excellent service."

Mike (Downers Grove, IL.)