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  • In creating a new robot Hobot-188, the engineers set a challenging goal: to achieve noise reduction while improving the previous model's characteristics. They modified the vacuum pump ventilation system and improved the design. The outcome is the birth of a new robot: a quieter, more effective, ergonomic machine. It is the robot of the future.

    You will like cleaning windows with the robot Hobot

    Hobot-188 is designed to clean any smooth surfaces: windows, mirrors, glass doors, partitions, tables, and even walls and tile floors. Just turn it on with a push of one button and the surfaces will shine with cleanliness without much effort.

    Universal robot for different types of surfaces

    Robot HOBOT is the world's first multifunctional robot washer for cleaning windows, walls, and floors. A powerful vacuum motor allows you to work on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface (without the use of magnets). Due to high suction power, you can also use HOBOT-188 for cleaning tile floors and walls and polishing parquet, mirrors, mosaic windows, glass partitions, and tables.

    AI-technology of artificial intelligence

    HOBOT-188 simulates human movements during window cleaning. It is especially effective removing pollutants on high/external windows.

    Vacuum pump

    A powerful vacuum pump secures the robot on any vertical or horizontal surface. It absorbs dust and removes particles of dirt. Two cleaning wheels are covered with microfiber cloths that move the robot over the surface and perform rotational cleaning movements.

    A unique way of movement

    Hobot-188 has no rubber wheels or caterpillars tracks that can leave traces that need to be cleaned further. It uses a unique system of surface movements with the help of rotating cleaning wheels, instead of traditional tracks or rubber wheels. It moves freely and smoothly on surfaces and glass without leaving traces, even if cleaning cloths are dirty. The robot does not require additional maintenance and cleaning, with the exception of replacing the reusable cleaning cloths that are easily changed and washed.

    Eco-friendly and economical microfiber cleaning cloths

    Microfiber cloths provide high quality cleaning with no scratched surfaces.

    Hobot-188 cloths can be reused and are easily changed for manual or machine wash. The cloths absorb all dust and dirt with the help of the vacuum. Cloths have millions of soft and long microfibers that rub against each other producing a static charge that helps to suck in particles of dust until a wash is complete. Then a simple water rinse stops the charge and the dirt is easily washed away. Microfiber does not shed or leave any residual traces of fiber. It absorbs much more water and dirt than ordinary fabric. It is easily washed, quickly dries up, and serves a long time.

    Remote control

    You can use a remote control to set the direction of movement or activate the automatic cleaning program. You can switch between 3 modes of automatic control, as well as use manual control functions for cleaning the surface.

    How does Hobot-188 work

    The glass cleaning robot does not need programming, just press one button on the remote control to start. Robot control is very simple, convenient and self-explanatory.

    Hobot-188 is equipped with a vacuum pump, which creates a charge, keeping the robot stable and securely attached to any glass surface. While the robot itself weighs only 0.9 kg, its powerful suction motion supports the weight of up to 7 kg without compromising any of its maneuverability.

    Since the robot must be permanently connected to the electrical power source via a long wire of 5 meters and a network adapter, there is no need to be concerned that the robot can fall. This ensures long-term operation that will allow you to clean any number of windows without waiting for the battery charge. In addition, the robot has a backup battery (UPS), which allows it to be secured to the window, even in the event of a power outage.

    While operating, a special vacuum sensor measures the degree of adhesion to the surface and detects the edge of the surface being cleaned. If the degree of adhesion is not strong enough, the Hobot will automatically stop, send a signal about the problem and move in the opposite direction. A special safety cord is used to provide additional security from the fall of the robot to the ground, therefore, not allowing it to fall down.

    In case of any problem during operation, Hobot alerts you with a signal and a sound warning.

    In order to wash and polish windows using Hobot-188, only apply a small amount of detergent to the edges of the cleaning cloths of upper and lower wheels, then plug the robot into an outlet. Compared to conventional fabrics, HOBOT-188 cloths are made of special microfiber material; providing better absorption of dust and dirt.

    Cleaning cloths can be easily removed and hand or machine washed.

    After pressing “Running the program UP” on the remote control, the robot cleaner moves to the top of a vertical surface on its own, then gradually descends from top to bottom. It will automatically calculate the dimensions of a window, carefully perform its task, and return to the starting position.

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